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Annex is always seeking the best people to join our expanding team.

Work hard, play hard? We work hard, *cough* 97% satisfaction rating, and we’re really awesome at rewards! Learn, grow, achieve, and celebrate with Annex!

1. Great culture

We work hard, but we also have fun and enjoy the journey every day. Our active Social Committee makes sure of that. If we complete our quarterly priorities selected by the team, then all staff participate in a reward event.

2. Teamwork

Annex’s internal Recruitment practice does not have a candidate ownership model. That means you collaborate with your team and help each other succeed rather than compete internally with your peers. We look forward to coming into the office because we are friends at work, not rivals.

3. Contribution

You can and will make a difference. Not only in the lives of the people we help, but also at Annex. Your ideas count in team meetings and strategic planning sessions and you get to contribute to the future direction of the company.

4. Entrepreneurial spirit

We implement ideas from our team members. We experiment with new products and processes to continuously get better. We move quickly and embrace change. You are given an autonomous environment in which to grow and thrive.

5. Personal development

Receive regular training on the latest business tools and techniques. Get mentored by the best people in the industry. Participate in Life Goals Lunches with the Annex CEO.

6. Opportunity for advancement

At Annex, you have multiple career paths in recruitment, client management, solutions consulting, corporate back-office, and company leadership across multiple geographic locations.

7. Stability

Annex is one of the fastest growing companies in Canada, even though we have been around since 1998. We have grown revenues, on average, by 60% each year since the company was established. We have very low staff turnover thanks to our business success and fantastic culture.

8. Exciting industry

Annex is in tech, one of the world’s most exciting industries. We work with cool companies doing interesting things across all industries.


9. Integrity

It’s a company core value. We not only do things right, but more importantly, we do the right things. Nice guys don’t necessarily finish last.

10. Gender diversity

Women represent only 25% of the information and communications technology (ICT) industry in Canada. At Annex, half of our staff, including our leadership team, are female. We are proud to be a gender diversity outlier in the Canadian technology industry.

11. Award-winning company

Annex has received awards for innovation, for being a fastest growing company in BC and Canada, for being one of the largest tech companies in BC and Canada, for being one of the top IT solution providers in Canada, for being one of the largest private companies in BC, and for its executive management team.

12. Good pay

We completed a comprehensive compensation review across the top companies in our industry and Annex was at or near the top of the list for our most common positions. Factoring in all the points above, there is no better place to work.

13. We care

Community involvement is a personal core value of our CEO. Through Annex Helps, our corporate social responsibility program, we actively give back to industry and other charitable causes through donations of time, money, leadership and services. Our charitable work not only helps the people in our community, it also uplifts our spirits.

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