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Annex Helps the Peace Arch Hospital Foundation

Travesty Hits The COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on the global community, most notably on our high-risk population. When the policy of physical distancing was implemented at Peace Arch Hospital, patients in care centres were closed off from visitors including family and friends. For many of the patients, these visits are the most […]

Annex Helps the Union Gospel Mission

Union Gospel Mission (UGM) has been feeding hope and changing lives of men, women, youth, and children for the past 80 years. Through its seven locations in Metro Vancouver, UGM provides emergency shelter, meals, outreach, career development counselling, education, safe and affordable housing, addiction recovery, and much more to those struggling with poverty, 澳门网上真人真钱homelessness, and […]

Annex Helps Flatten The Curve Handmade Masks

In April 2020, with the onset of the global pandemic, a group of dedicated volunteers launched Flatten The Curve (FTC) Handmade Masks, an initiative to create masks to protect the high-risk population in Vancouver. The social program launched under the leadership of senior health consultant Susan Scott Gabe, and supported by Annex Helps, aimed to […]

Annex Helps YVR Prep Deliver Meals to At-Risk Children & Adults

When the government announced the COVID-19 closures in March, schools, preparing to open after spring break, found themselves remaining closed.  The Abbotsford School District, with 33 schools, had breakfast and lunch programs for their students and the New Westminster School District, with 11 schools, provided a lunch program.  Both School Districts recognized their daily breakfast […]

What Startups Have to Understand About Working Remotely

By Raquel Johnson In recent months, many Canadians have transitioned to working remotely to prevent the spread of illness. Statistics from HR Reporter on remote workers in Canada shows that around 67.91% have been asked to work from 澳门网上真人真钱home during the pandemic. Interestingly, 47.87% rated their transition was largely positive, while 13.39% have viewed it […]

Annex Helps the Burnaby Hospital Foundation

In mid-March, Burnaby Hospital and the Burnaby Hospital Foundation (the Foundation) faced a problem they had never encountered before. Following COVID-19 directives, ICU and long-term patients in Burnaby Hospital were put into isolation – no visits with friends or family, no contact with anybody outside of nurses and hospital staff for the foreseeable future. No […]

The Ultimate Guide to Handling Stress During a Pandemic

By Tasleem Jessani, Rubiks Coaching When we are forced into situations out of our control, stress can rise rapidly. At first, it may have been an unexpected event – being quarantined at 澳门网上真人真钱home, shifting to working from 澳门网上真人真钱home, and for those with kids, having the kids 澳门网上真人真钱home past spring break. But as the situation continues, […]

Priorities During the COVID-19 Crisis

A personal message from Annex President and CEO, Stacey Cerniuk. Inboxes are being overloaded with COVID-19 communication updates from companies that, for the most part, all look the same. The last thing you need is another one. Instead, this update is about how I am feeling during the global pandemic crisis. I have been working from 澳门网上真人真钱home, […]

One Easy Trick to Make Your Network Bulletproof

By Tasleem Jessani Early in my career and especially in my HR world, I heard a lot about networking and its importance. I was never a fan of the term networking. I’m a proud introvert (but I bet you wouldn’t know it!) and networking events would clean me out of all the energy I had. […]

Top Tech Solutions for Today’s Solopreneur

By Lucy Reed To be competitive in today’s business world, solopreneurs need to make use of every tool at their disposal. Thankfully, in our electronic age, technology affords a wide variety of options. We explored some of the top solutions available for ensuring your small business is a smashing success. Tech Tool on the Go […]

5 Ways IT is Disrupting Finance

By Addison Taylor Over the years, Information Technology (IT) has grown into a global phenomenon, streamlining and improving the way many industries are run. Yet, out of the many industries that IT has disrupted, the financial industry stands to be changed the most. This is true especially in BC, where we noted previously how Vancouver was […]

3 Ways to Increase Your Potential

By Tasleem Jessani Your brain has an infinite amount of potential! It has the ability to create new neural pathways throughout your life. However, after a certain age, our old or habitual ways become ingrained or hardwired within the brain, which is why change becomes difficult. It’s our brain’s natural way of being more efficient; […]

How to Manage Conflict in the Workplace

Workplace conflict can have a positive outcome that strengthens relationships, increases communication, and allows teams to develop better ideas that will benefit the company. So why do some people avoid conflict? It is most likely due to poor experiences in the past or lack of knowledge about how to have a healthy debate with a […]

Networking 101

Whether you are a candidate looking for a new job or someone simply looking to build your professional network, connecting with people is a great place to start. As the saying goes, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. Annex hosts events throughout the year to bring together IT and management consulting professionals. […]

Job Hunting in a New Country

Job hunting can be stressful, especially if you are looking for your first job in a new country. There can be new job boards to explore, a certain way of writing your resume, or a different way to present yourself in an interview. It’s hard to get out of the cycle of sending out countless […]

Collaborative Recruiting

“One for all, and all for one” is a motto traditionally associated with the heroes of the novel The Three Musketeers written by Alexandre Dumas. In the book, it was the motto of French musketeers Athos, Porthos, Aramis and d’Artagnan who remained loyal to one another through every triumph and every challenge. But, how does […]

PMI CWCC Celebrates 40 Years

Established in 1979, the Project Management Institute (PMI) Canadian West Coast Chapter (CWCC) fulfills a distinct need for individuals and organizations to further develop within the project management industry. Mandated by a vision to increase the awareness, effectiveness and value of professional project management for practitioners and organizations, PMI CWCC is a leader in the […]

10 Ways to Prepare for an Interview

Interviewing is a learned skill that can improve with practice, practice, practice! The interview is a critical part of a job seeker’s journey, and there is only one chance to make a great first impression. Since 1998, Annex has coached thousands of candidates in preparation for interviews and we are happy to share our knowledge […]

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