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Pass-Through Services: Convenient And Stress-Free.

Pass-through is a low-cost payroll outsourcing service ideally suited when the client and consultant have an existing relationship but the customer wishes the independent consultant to bill through a third party. Annex provides cost-effective pass-through services to the largest organizations in Canada and the United States.


As a client, Annex’s pass-through service allows you to outsource billing, payroll, contract management and insurance coverage for independent consultants working for your organization.

As a consultant, Annex’s pass-through service eliminates the hurdle of expensive insurance coverage required by your client and you get paid by Annex faster than if you worked directly for the customer.

Other benefits of pass-through for the client and the consultant include:

  • Sufficient insurance coverage – Consultants avoid expensive insurance costs by passing through Annex to comply with insurance requirements imposed by clients. The client benefits from knowing all consultants have adequate insurance coverage.
  • Contract administration – Clients and consultants eliminate extra administration time and expenses associated with contract negotiations, contract management and contract renewals.
  • Invoicing and timesheets – Clients reduce accounting expenses and administration overhead by utilizing Annex’s streamlined back-office solution, including web-based timesheet data collection, automated timesheet approval, and electronic invoicing.
  • Single point of contact – Annex has a dedicated point of contact for pass-through services who works directly with both the client and the consultant throughout the process. This individual handles all inquiries related to independent consultant contracts, timesheets, invoices and payments, eliminating this burden for the client. The consultant has an advocate when requesting a contract change such as a rate increase or statement of work revision.
  • Payment – Annex sets up all independent consultants to receive electronic funds transfer (EFT) payments directly into their bank accounts. A consultant is paid shortly after invoicing Annex if the client approves the consultant’s timesheet. Annex’s payment schedule typically results in the consultant receiving payment faster than if the consultant contracted directly to the client.
  • Arms-length relationship – Both clients and consultants ensure proper regulatory compliance in terms of an employee vs. business relationship.
  • Consistency – Clients are issued contracts, timesheets and invoices in a consistent format across all Annex consultants.
  • Cost effective – Annex provides a competitive rate for pass-through services, and our rate is reduced even lower as volume discount thresholds are achieved over time with a client.
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