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Executive Recruitment

Annex’s Executive Recruitment practice places strategic C-level, Director and Manager employees. One of the Annex differences is that we do executive recruitment on a contingency basis, meaning you don’t pay anything unless we successfully place a candidate.

Executive recruitment firms typically charge fees upfront and throughout the process. In fact, up to 90% of the total fee is charged by executive recruiters even if a candidate is not successfully placed.

Senior positions are the most complex and riskiest to recruit, as an understanding of the business, personality styles and corporate culture are necessary. Finding candidates with exceptional skills and experience is a starting point; we also aim to truly understand the ‘talents’ that will make a difference. Talents are those inherent abilities that cannot be taught, and separate outstanding senior leaders from the rest of the pack.

Our industry leading client satisfaction rating and the fact that most of our opportunities have come from existing clients or word of mouth referrals is testimony to the quality of our work and the strength of our relationships.

Samples roles we recruit for in our Executive Recruitment practice include:

  • IT – CIO, VP, Director, Manager
  • Finance – CFO, Controller, Director, Manager
  • Business Operations – CEO, COO, VP, Director, Manager
  • HR – VP, Director, Manager
  • Marketing – CMO, VP, Director, Manager
  • Administration – VP, Director, Manager

Take the Annex executive recruitment challenge: give us three weeks to generate a short-list of candidates. It does not cost you anything. If you are not satisfied, then engage another executive recruiter and the only thing you will have lost is three weeks of time. If we successfully place a candidate, chances are you will save thousands of dollars in fees.

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