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The Annex Referral Program.

It started off as a simple idea in 1997 and is now responsible for half of Annex’s business. You could say that our Referral Program has become somewhat famous over the years:

  • Featured in 8 daily newspapers across Canada.
  • Showcased in PROFIT, Macleans and BCBusiness magazines.
  • Described in a book called Dynamic Entrepreneurs of the 21st Century by Canadian best-selling , Michael Caldwell.
  • Presented in both print and video in the Financial Post Innovators series.
  • Resulted in Annex being awarded one of British Columbia’s 20 Leading Innovators.
  • $200,000 in referral fees paid out by Annex last year.
  • Our highest lifetime earner has received $150,000 to date.
  • Many others just like you have earned between $10,000 and $50,000.
  • Annex has paid out $2,200,000 in total referral fees and counting.
  • As part of our corporate social responsibility program, referral fees can be donated to charity, such as one of the three charities that Annex supports each year.
  • Clients have used referral fees as credits on Annex invoices. Ask us for an example.

Anyone qualifies for the Annex Referral Program. Earn a generous passive income by simply referring one of the following to Annex:

  • a talented person looking for a contract or employment position in IT or management consulting, or
  • a contract or permanent employment role

The Annex Referral Program encourages all of us to help each other, especially the community of independent IT and management consultants. Here is how the program works:


Referral Type Referral Fee Explanation
Opportunity: $2 per hour Get $2 per hour from every Annex consultant working on your referred assignment
Consultant: $1 per hour Get $1 per hour from every time Annex works with your referred consultant. Maximum 5,000 billable hours per referred consultant.

Permanent Staffing

Referral Type Referral Fee Explanation
Position: $500 Get $500 if Annex fills your referred employment position
Employee: $500 Get $500 if Annex places your referred candidate

CIKI Learning Centre

Referral Type Referral Fee Explanation
Workshop: $100 per day Get $100 per day if Annex delivers a private workshop you referred
(e.g., a 3-day workshop pays $300)
Attendee: $50 Get $50 for each public workshop participant you refer


For Referral Program Terms and Conditions, click here.

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