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Terms and Conditions

The Annex Referral Program is a GREAT way to help others while earning a passive income. We have paid out $2,200,000 to date and counting.

Referral Program terms and conditions:

  1. Every Annex contract has two potential referral fees: opportunity and consultant. “Opportunity” referrals pay $2 per hour for every hour billed by each contractor working through Annex on the referred engagement. “Consultant” referrals pay $1 per hour for every hour billed by the referred contractor working through Annex, with a maximum of 5,000 billable hours per referred consultant. Refer an opportunity and the consultant doing the work and you receive both referral fees.
  2. We do not pay referral fees if the referred person is already in the Annex Alliance, our database of IT professionals and management consultants. In that case, he or she was already referred by someone else or the individual previously applied directly to Annex.
  3. An opportunity referral applies to a specific contract engagement only, not to an entire client or all future contracts with that client.
  4. A consultant referral applies EVERY TIME we use that person on an Annex project, not just on the first project, with a maximum of 5,000 billable hours for that particular consultant. Your affiliation as the “referrer” of the consultant ends when the individual leaves contracting – e.g., takes an employment position, retires, or moves outside of North America – or the consultant has reached the 5,000 billable hour maximum. To be assigned as the referrer, your referred consultant must be new to Annex and not already in the Annex Alliance, our database of IT and management consultants in North America. A consultant can only be referred by one person. If there is a dispute, we will ask the consultant who referred him or her to Annex.
  5. We do not pay referral fees when Annex’s mark-up on a consultant is too low. In such cases, we simply cannot afford to pay the fees due to our cost of operations. Similarly, we do not pay referral fees on pass-through projects which often have break-even mark-ups. We also do not pay referral fees to spouses/partners/significant others.
  6. Referrals are processed and paid every month. If you are entitled to referral fees, you must send Annex an invoice for our records. Failure to send an invoice will result in failure to pay. Don’t worry, we can help you with the invoice if you have questions.
  7. We reserve the right to terminate referral payments if we believe the receiver of those payments is in conflict with Annex’s core values and moral standards. This has only ever happened once.
  8. Annex reserves the right at its sole discretion to change or withdraw the Annex Referral Program at any time, without notice to its participants. Referral Program participants are deemed to have acknowledged this condition once a referral payment from Annex has been received.

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