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Annex Testimonials

We think we are pretty good at what we do. Our clients and consultants think so too.

“Annex is very active in finding projects suited to my less common skills.”
BI Technical Analyst
“Annex is one of the best consulting firms in BC.”
SAP Tester
“Annex has a very professional and customer focused team. As a consultant working with them to satisfy client needs, I felt that they fully supported my service delivery.”
“This was my fourth project with Annex and throughout I have had great service and support by Annex. I plan to in the future continue working with Annex as opportunities between Annex and myself align.”
Business Analyst
“[My Annex Recruitment Consultant] and I have only good things to say, since the initial contact to the end: always courteous, respectful, and had fast answers. I have a really good impression from her. It was a pleasure to work with her.”
System Administrator
“I hate looking for new assignments. But Annex has found repeatedly found me assignments that turn into multi-year gigs – they are a first choice consulting firm.”
Crystal Reports Developer
“Great company to work with!”
QA Tester
“Annex Group is a really good platform for professionals. They give genuine calls and followed up with the candidate properly. When I got a call from Annex Group for the very first time from [my Annex Recruitment Consultant] and after that got contacted by [two Annex Recruitment Consultants] from interview schedule to end of the contract. They both helped me a lot for everything. I got updates that I needed from them. I really appreciate [my Annex Recruitment Consultants] for all of their support during that phase. Also I appreciate [the Annex Finance Accountant] from accounting for her coordination.”
“It’s the second time that I worked with Annex on contact opportunities. I appreciated being able to work with [my Annex Client Manager and Recruitment Consultant] on [client] project. They are very professional, resourceful and responsive with excellent communication and follow-up skills. They operated and executed efficiently in dealing with complex client needs and I would be very happy to work with Annex again.”
Oracle Consultant
“I take this opportunity of sending you a thank you note to express my grateful regards to you, my friends and colleagues. I really enjoyed working with you all! Thank you guys and keep in touch.”
Security Analyst
“Annex was instrumental in providing support and information during the interview and on-boarding process. It was a great pleasure working with them.”
Web Developer
“It was a great experience to work with Annex on the recent ERP Selection Project for a national container rental company. Annex provided great support to both consultant and client sides from the get go and diligently followed up with both parties…. The project was a great success and Annex played an important role in the whole process.”
Project Manager
“Annex was delightful to work with. Through the whole process it was evident they were partners not just providers. I appreciated the regular feedback, it helped me provide superior service to the client.”
Business Analyst
“The team at Annex [my Annex Client Manager and Recruitment Consultant] is professional and easy to work with. They provided answer to all the questions I had throughout the contract, and was very helpful when negotiating a contract extension. I would definitely like to work with them in the future, and not hesitate recommending them to colleagues and friends.”
“Annex consultants were wonderful and most affable people to work with during my term with [client].”
QA Tester
“I found the recruiting team at Annex to be helpful and attentive. I would welcome future opportunities to work with them.”
Project Manager
“Annex was diligent in providing continuous feedback and in dealing with logistics and constant changes in the project environment.”
Team Lead
“It was a pleasure working with Annex on the Windows 7 Migration Project and I hope to work on more projects in the future that are being managed by Annex.”
Project Analyst
“It was nice working with [my Annex Recruitment Consultant] on this contract. She provided the right amount of contact and information.”
Project Manager
“I rank Annex to be one of the best agencies I’ve worked with over the years.”
.NET Developer
“Big Thanks to Annex for landing me my first contract job as a Python/Django web developer in just a couple of weeks. It was a fantastic project working with great people.”
“[My Annex Recruitment Consultant] was very helpful throughout the recruiting and interview process. I would definitely recommend her to my colleagues.”
Project Manager
“In recent years, I have dealt with a few contractors and many do not approach clients well. Annex is very proactive and takes the initiative to, at the very least, present one’s credentials to a potential client and let the client determine if my transferable skills or raw experience is what they could use. I appreciate this approach very much, and each time I feel quite confident that I will have the best opportunity to sell my credentials and services to a client.”
GIS/Business Analyst
“Annex takes the time to understand my requirements and competencies and is able to accurately match them with the right client and promote my services.”
Project Manager
“Working with Annex is always a pleasure. [My Annex Client Manager] always finds top talent quickly. She always follows up with me to make sure things [contract] are going well.”
Manager, Telecommunications Company

“Working with Annex and specifically [my Annex Client Manager] has been a pleasure. She always follows up and keeps my honest and on my toes.”

Manager, Telecommunications Company
“With Annex’s help we believe we have found a great developer in a tough market.”
Manager, Software Development Company
“I would like to thank [consultant] since his participation is the major factor for successful completion of the project.”
Senior Asset Management Analyst, Engineering Company
“I enjoy working with Annex, every person they have put forward to us for contract has been excellent. They have a great talent pool. Their account services (in particular [my Annex Client Manager]) are also extremely helpful and I always receive a timely response.”
Manager, Digital Marketing Company
“I’m very impressed by the professionalism, intelligent approach and customized care at Annex Consulting Group. [My Annex Client Manager and Recruitment Consultant] took the time and energy to really understand the types of candidates we were looking for and truly delivered. Annex exceeded our expectations and I would strongly recommend them.”
Managing Partner, Web and Mobile Development Company
“Having a great overall experience working with [my Annex Client Manager] and the rest of the Annex team.”
Manager, Telecommunications Company
“Annex was easy to deal with and provided me with an excellent placement. I would use their services again.”
Manager, Gaming Company
“Annex provided consistent and reliable support throughout the engagement.The [consultant] provided first class project management oversight.”
Manager, Education
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